We marketed the event using various methods:

  • Facebook:  We have around 1100 followers on the District Facebook site.   This was used PLENTY to grow excitement.  A typical Facebook post would be:Facebook f logo
    “Imagine spending an evening with the President of Rotary International. You can – at the Million Dollar Dinner. We will raise over a million dollars in one evening – and you can be there. Soon invitations will go out to Foundation Bequest Society members. There is still time for you to be a part of it, part of history. Ticket prices and further details are now online at the below link, please join us, please join a historic event in our District, Saturday, May 11 in Edmonton.”   (Link to details)
  • District web site:   We used this for registration/payment and to promote it.  (See below for actual text we used.)
  • Official Governor visit to clubs:   I incorporated the event into my talks to every club in the fall of 2012.  The fact President Tanaka was attending was a huge tool to gain enthusiasm and interest.
  • Email blasts:  using the 2300 member database we sent specific emails to every member several times to inform and invite.  A typical email would be similar to the Facebook post but more details and links.
  • District Newsletter.
  • The Committee had a team that divided up the clubs to communicate with them the details.

The text we used on our District web site for interested participants is pasted below.  Some links may no longer be active:

Rotary District 5370 Presents the Rotary Foundation Million Dollar Dinner with special guest Rotary International President Sakuji Tanaka.  Officially sponsored by Koch Automotive Group 

The “Million Dollar Dinner” has a lofty goal: To raise a minimum of One Million Dollars for the programs of The Rotary Foundation in this Rotary year. This is accomplished through outright gifts or Bequest gifts to The Rotary Foundation (Canada) with minimum donations of $10,000 USD from each donor. The Million Dollar Dinner will look to invite those Rotarians who have made new commitments to the Rotary Foundation (Canada). Cost is $100.00 per person.

Invited guests may register by clicking HERE.

How will YOU  be invited?   By joining the Bequest Society with the minimum donation or a cash donation as per below. Invitations will also be mailed to Paul Harris Society Members and Foundation Major Donors as thank you for their support.

Making a Bequest Gift Commitment to the Rotary Foundation:

You may support this event by increasing your existing Bequest gift or committing to a new Bequest gift of a minimum of $10,000 USD.  Bequest gifts are gifts committed in your will,  you can also include the Foundation as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy. Details on this link.

To become a Bequest society member of our Rotary Foundation is simple. Once you have made the decision to do so, the easiest method is to use this on-line form. Fill out then click to email or print and mail. You will then be contacted.  Email Major Gift Officer for further information you require.  If you do this one step, you will be invited.  The rest of the details do NOT have to be completed to have your invitation.  The above step tells us you are committed and will do so,  and we will invite you.

You will want to eventually include your plans in your will and  share this codicil form with your lawyer.  At least one Rotarian lawyer has volunteered to arrange this form (codicil) at NO CHARGE to you.  Assistant Governor and lawyer Theresa Wilson may be contacted,  click here to email Theresa. If other lawyers speak up we will add them to this list.

Note we recommend you indicate “Rotary Foundation (Canada)” to ensure you receive applicable tax advantages.

Making a Major Gift to the Rotary Foundation:

All outright Cash Gifts of $10,000 USD or greater can be pledged over 3 years, at $3,333 USD/yr, with recognition awarded at the time of commitment. Outright gifts can be made by cash, cheque, credit card or publicly traded securities. Please email Major Gift Officer for all of the information you require.

Never in the history of District 5370 has a standing Rotary International President visited.  Don’t miss this special evening.   Event chair is  Don Lowry. For more information email Foundation Chair by clicking: Ross Tyson